About Us

We have a team of professionals specialized in different areas, being the Design and development of advertising products and services our base of work. All our works are focused on offering quality products and services.

Systems Engineer, Webmaster and Web Engineering , Development and adaptation to the different database programs, Web development programs and for the creation and participation in a good experience in Web page development, SEO realization (Web page optimization) , PPC, AdWords, AdSense and project management related to Web pages, databases, networks, Linux services and customer service. Excellent service and customer support, good performance for Web design with software such as (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop and Flash), to detect and solve the concerns of customers in the projects that develop and assembly of network services under Linux platforms. team work environment. Knowledge and management of the English language.

Professionals in Graphic Design and Creatives with great experience in the development of Brand Design, Corporate Identity, POP Material, Retouching and Digital Photographic Assembly, Conceptualization of projects, Web Design and Animation. Knowledge on the Mac and Windows platforms in the different ranges of the design programs (Corel Dreaw Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver). Excellent presentation and customer management in all areas.

Professionals in Marketing and Advertising , responsible for the commercialization of communication spaces, general sales management, fulfillment of objectives and customer loyalty. Lead and work hand in hand with the graphic team to support the different clients, tracking them to meet their needs. Planning, implementation, control and implementation of media and communication plans, working closely with the media agency, developing new and old projectss

Professionals in Social Communication and Journalism , emphasis on audiovisual media, ability to perform writing tasks and production of audiovisual and written material, with extensive experience in the management of new media, being an intermediary between the client and the staff of professionals in all processes required.

Than 15 years we have specialized in Services, Internet and Visual communication development. Throughout our career we have developed solutions in different platforms, programming languages ​​and database managers as demonstrated by our portfolio of clients.

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