The Internet has evolved business in a virtual world that increases opportunities, forming a new concept, called in English Virtual Assistant people who work virtually using the new technology, such as the computer, routers and connected servers, to exchange information or service a " AV "can assist you without being physically present in your office or business, this concept can be avant-garde, it is the new way of working, which brings benefits for both parties, saving time and money. This is the reason for this Website.

Welcome to the Virtual Assistant site, we can assist you in the execution of projects and visual communication aids for printed media, electronic transmission media and advertising.
- The Internet is not just another marketing channel, it not only accelerates commercial transactions, it is not just another advertising medium. The Internet is the basis of a new social, industrial and commercial order - Fortune -
- Millennium competition is not between products, but between business models attractive to the consumer. -Fortune -


Each client has a unique work system, for this purpose we provide independent, reliable and professional administrative support. Some of the services to serve the different needs of clients include the following areas:

- Development of Business Plan: Guide for a plan for your successful Internet strategy.

Graphic design : Business cards, envelopes with your business logo, corporate image, presentation sheet for your letters and business communications, brochures, catalogs, flyers. Digital printing service on demand or in quantities for lithographic printing.

- Marketing : Assistance in the development of promotion techniques, creation and distribution of communications, contact and work with advertising companies. Promotional Products (Merchandising)..

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